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Looking Back At Saturday’s Win Ingredients

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina
Georgia’s secondary easily contained Deebo Samuel on Saturday, holding him to 33 yards.
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

In a nutshell, days like yesterday were what Kirby Smart has hired for. Go on the road, take care of business and put an inferior opponent in its right place.

That’s pretty much what Georgia did in its 41-17 win against the Gamecocks.

Here’s how the Dawgs addressed three keys to a win. (SPOILER: They did it rather well).

Make crowd noise a non-factor.

Let’s just say that between the fans and questionable techo music, Billy Brice will be an insane place. Georgia can take that edge away by scoring early and not giving up crowd-energrizing scores. If not, the Dawgs will be playing right into the hands of a road trap. Needless to say, turnovers and pick sixes will be things to avoid for Georgia.

Between getting early scores, starting with the D’Andre Baker interception finished off by Juwan Taylor and being able to drive the ball early, it was a blueprint for shutting down a raucous crowd on the road. That effort kept on during the third quarter. Any time team can impose its will in a quarter like Georgia did in the trenches, it takes the crowd out of the game...the ones that didn’t leave early, anyway.

Limit Deebo

The greatest receiver ever created, according to some this week, Deebo Samuel, will get his yards. The thing to make sure he won’t get are yards in big chunks. In other words, avoid the first half of Mizzou last year.

Other than when USC needed a gadget play to get on the board, Samuel was a non-factor. That’s a big credit to Baker being up for the challenge. Not only was Samuel held to six catches for 33 yards, but his longest reception was 10 yards. In short, he was a non-factor.

Grind It Out

If Georgia has a 7-10 point lead, the third quarter will be critical. The Bulldogs need to as the game goes by show off their offensive line depth to control the clock and lean on its depth along the defensive line. In other words, “Make their @!*! quit.”

Georgia led by 10 at the half, and it was almost as if the offensive line saw it as a personal challenge to take over the game. That’s pretty much what happened.

Not only did Georgia put together scoring drives of 75, 75 and 86 yards in the third quarter, but it also ate up 9:25 off the clock. By comparison, the Gamecocks held the ball for just 3:03 in that same span.

Go Dawgs!

Go Dawgs!