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What Was Will Muschamp Thinking?

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to renew one of my absolute favorite postgame features, in which we gaze into the mind of the head coach of the Bulldogs’ most recent opponent during a key moment in the game.

This is a picture of Will Muschamp taken right after Georgia’s Brian Herrien trucked into the end zone from 15 yards out to make the score 41-10.

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Dawg Sports readers, I ask you:

What was Will Muschamp thinking?!?!?!

a) “Why am I wearing black wool pants in 95 degree weather? I could start a fire with my thighs.”

b) “I made too dang much money at Florida to keep torturing myself like this. What was the nme of that redfish guide in Islamorada?”

c) “How many dang offensive linemen they gonna play today? They keep bouncing out of nowhere like 330 pound Bozos jumping out of a clown car!”

d) “In a world that includes peanut butter M&Ms, what is even the point of Reese’s Pieces anymore?”

As always, feel free to include your suggestions in the comments. And ....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!