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Third Quarter Open Comment Thread: Time to Fry Some Chicken.

Georgia v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Georgia is staked to a 20-10 lead and gets the ball to start this third quarter. A few informative stats from the first half:

Jake Fromm is 9 of 12 passing for 79 yards, but honestly has gotten away with a couple of questionable balls.

Jake Bentley didn’t get away with that early pass returned for a touchdown, but settled down and is 18 of 31 for 146 yards passing. Bentley however has also gotten away with some throws the UGA defense will hear about not making him pay for in film study.

The teams each have 13 first downs and South Carolina holds a slim 191-183 advantage in offensive yardage.

Georgia has rushed for 104 yards to South Carolina’s 32, averaging 5.5 yards per carry. I look for the Bulldogs to try to RTDB in the second half, especially if they can come out of the locker room with a score and stop the ‘Cocks on their opening series.

We thought this game could turn into a dog fight, and while the ‘Dawgs have a two score lead, this one’s still well in play. I think we’ll learn something about the mental toughness of Kirby Smart’s squad in this second half. Let’s do it.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!