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Ingredients To A Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you were a fan of WCW wrestling, this game kind of reminds you of Goldberg’s comeback match against Tank Abbott.

In short, Goldberg’s return to wrestling after a hiatus was fueled by an unknown, Tank Abbott challenging him. Needless to say, things went really well for Goldberg.

You see something similar with this game leading up to it.

Here’s South Carolina, a team eager to waltz into the spotlight, trying to find any way to get into the limelight. Between USC Jr.’s fans, players and others, a program that’s been an non-factor fr most of its history is intent on not acting like it. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that confidence - you would not expect ‘poormouthing’ comments saying, “my gosh, we’re in big trouble” going into a game of large magnitude for a program.

And then there’s Georgia, a proven commodity that as much as they deny it, are paying attention to the outside chatter. When random former players of an opponent repeatedly get an outlet from ESPN and others, it’s hard to brush aside.

What’ll it take for the Dawgs to take care of the Chickens, today? Here are three keys to saying, Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner later today.

Make crowd noise a non-factor.

Let’s just say that between the fans and questionable techo music, Billy Brice will be an insane place. Georgia can take that edge away by scoring early and not giving up crowd-energrizing scores. If not, the Dawgs will be playing right into the hands of a road trap. Needless to say, turnovers and pick sixes will be things to avoid for Georgia.

Limit Deebo

The greatest receiver ever created, according to some this week, Deebo Samuel, will get his yards. The thing to make sure he won’t get are yards in big chunks. In other words, avoid the first half of Mizzou last year.

Grind It Out

If Georgia has a 7-10 point lead, the third quarter will be critical. The Bulldogs need to as the game goes by show off their offensive line depth to control the clock and lean on its depth along the defensive line. In other words, “Make their @!*! quit.”

Go Dawgs!