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Chapel Bell Curve: Hatin’ Ass Lawrence and the Temple of Boom.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

But there weren't enough statistics in the last episode, you say. And no one used any expletives to describe Steve Spurrier.

Justin and Nathan remedy these deficiencies with a vengeance as they preview Georgia’s date with the South Carolina Gamecocks in the armpit of the South, Columbia, South Carolina. There’s also discussion of the areas where the Gamecocks may legitimately be better than the Bulldogs, when an up-tempo offense really isn’t, and how not to cheer for the Bulldogs if you want to avoid looking back on your twenties with (even more) regret. There’s also a stirring game of everyone’s favorite game before the game: Over or Under?

Like an Auburn junior seeing the annotated edition of “"How to brush your tooth” in the school library, you should check it out.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!