SEC Champions Defending on the Road: Stop ONE

I thought it might be interesting to see what others said about UGA road adventures as we defend the CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. So without further delay, the first stop the trip (all of these reviews are taken from the www so cannot claim any witticism)

The South's Largest Pole Barn...aka the "COCKpit:

I’ll try and be objective here as I was visiting Williams-Brice Stadium as a member of the opposition Florida Gators. Out of all the college stadiums I have been to, this one by far was the most bland and overall lacking in a sense of the college atmosphere. All the other stadiums are surrounded by beautiful backdrops of historic campuses, while this stadium seems to have been dropped in the middle of an industrial park. Maybe I would have felt a bit better about the experience if a drunk college student showed some passion for a school and yelled at me while walking through the tailgate area in my Tebow jersey, but for the most part the experience was pretty bland once again. I love SEC football and in no way do I mean to berate the body of South Carolina, but this was by far my least favorite away game experience and not because we lost.

Williams-Brice is the football stadium for the overgrown community college known as USC.It is situated in an outhouse called Columbia, SC – the armpit of the southeastern athletic conference (SEC). No one goes to Columbia, SC unless they absolutely have to – sort of like how no one who wants to be educated would attend the "University" of South Carolina unless they couldn’t get into the College of Charleston, Clemson or Phoenix.USC fans are the inbred, redneck, chip-on-the-shoulder types. They are foulmouthed and crass and they wear it proudly. Their football team’s accomplishments are almost nil yet the fans have the arrogance of a program that has actually won something. USC football fans make a Willie Nelson concert look like a Mensa Conference.The food in the stadium is awful and overpriced but that’s actually a plus because your stomach won’t feel like eating. From the looks of things USC fans do enough eating for the rest of us – like the entire eastern seaboard rest of us. Alcohol isn’t served at the stadium because most fans are already inebriated either from tailgating or they were just born that way.All in all it’s about what you’d expect from the state of South Carolina where they thank God for Mississippi whenever anyone starts publishing statistics on education, obesity or just general hopelessness.

The fans were RUDE. We had on our visiting team colors UNC but were not loud or obnoxious. While we were walking from our car, people yelled obscenities, even though we had small children in the group.

We followed our band into the stadium, just to watch USC fans throw cans at the band! Once inside, we were abused the entire game.

For a team with such a terrible football history, I guess their fans have not yet learned how to gracefully accept a little success.

I visited this place to see my Tar Heels play the Gamecocks in the season opener on a Thursday night in September. I travel to see my Heels play all the time, so have visited many college football stadiums the past few years. I have to say that this place is the absolute worst I've ever been.

As another reviewer said, these fans are the rudest I've ever encountered. We had a Rams Club tailgate prior to the game, held just down the street at a venue, which we PAID to rent out and have our tailgate, but we were not allowed to park there even if we paid. They said it was reserved for season ticket holders. Ok, so we continued to drive further down the road and find additional parking; we finally found a grassy lot and paid. While we were hiking from our car to our tailgate, people yelled obscenities and threw items, so much so that we had to cross the road to get away from them and at times even walking in the middle of the road.

We followed our band from our tailgate space to the stadium, at which time USC fans threw trash in our direction, yelled at us, and spit their tobacco at us. I have never seen such behavior! Once inside, we were in our seats in OUR section. Somehow USC fans were seated at the end of our row also. They chose to come ALL the way down to our side to exit the row despite them being closer to the aisle on their side. One girl even shoved me from behind when she was exiting. Later on in the game, liquid and cups were thrown down to us from who knows where.

USC fans should be ashamed of themselves. The majority of them are just locals who have never even attended USC, are uncivilized, and poorly represent the school by the behaviors exhibited during game days. I would NEVER visit this place ever again. There's only ONE Carolina and we are far more welcoming of visiting teams than any of these people raised in barns.

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