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Sunday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Georgia Bulldogs remain undefeated, which probably isn't really news at this point. But before we move on to the Vanderbilt Commodores, here’s what really is making the news in Bulldog Nation this Sunday morning.

Kirby Smart insists there is no “quarterback rotation” between Fromm and Fields. I assume Kirby is minorly annoyed by these questions, but I also assume he'll take it as an alternative to Dabo Swinney’s current predicament.

Really, if you're paying attention at this point it’s pretty clear that Justin Fields is being brought along slowly. He doesn't seem to have a huge chunk of the playbook at his disposal, and many times he has two or at most three receivers to read. But he’s getting more and more comfortable, and getting more complex assignments. Which is to say a QB rotation of some sort down the road might not be a terrible idea.

Jeremy Pruitt was proud of his football team following the game, and he should be. The Vols suffered a demoralizing home loss to a Florida last week. This week they stayed within two scores of the #2 team in the country late into the second half. I keep saying it, and I mean it: the Vols may not make a Bowl this season, but they are on the way to being a tougher football team than they were last season, and in 2019 will be a tough out.

It looks like Georgia’s injury situation is much-improved versus a week ago. One ongoing theme is that a lot of guys aren't quite 100%, but five games into the season no one is really 100%. The good news for Georgia is that the Bulldogs have played a lot of players thus far and have the depth to continue to do so.

The injury news is not so good right now for one 2019 Bulldog commit. Sadly, it seems to me that as players keep getting bigger, shoes keep getting lighter, and field turf becomes more prominent, ACL injuries for younger players are on the rise.

One overlooked aspect of Isaac Nauta’s heads up fumble return for a touchdown? The fumble was largely Nauta’s own fault. Sometimes the Universe just smiles on you. Speaking of which, I still can't get over Georgia fumbling four times in this game and not losing a single one. You just can't do that against a good football team. We’ll be back with more Bulldog coverage later. Until then...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!