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What Was Jeremy Pruitt Thinking?

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Media Day Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Friends it is now time for our favorite exercise is amateur psychology, in which we go deep into the mind of the poor guy who just got his butt kicked by the Georgia Bulldogs. Today’s subject is one near and dear to our hearts, the man whose bald ambition taught us how to angrily demand perfection before pressure was even a privilege: Jeremy Finsterwald Pruitt*.

Dearly beloved, this is a photo of Jeremy F. Pruitt talking to his defense in the moments after Justin Fields broke loose for his second rushing touchdown of the day, securing the final score of 38-12.

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

What. Was. Jeremy. Pruitt. Thinking?

a) “I bet they practiced that play inside that damn indoor facility I got ‘em.”

b) “The boys in red look a lot bigger and faster since the last time I was here. I told ‘em addingn spam to the training table would pay off.”

c) Why is Fulmer on the phone with Jimmy Sexton every time I look up? And why was he measuring the windows in my office last week?”

d) “If y’all think that's bad wait until they start letting him throw the ball, too.”

e) “None of these slappies has walked out on me this week. We’re gonna call that progress.”

As always, feel free to include your suggestions in the comments, and...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

I’m pretty sure that's not his middle name, but I enjoy imagining it is. Try it. You will, too.