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Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread

Here we are.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another wonderful Saturday here in the best college town in the world. A bunch of creamsicle is about to roll into town (although less than usual, I must say) and the Dawgs are getting ready to tee it up between the hedges. If I’m being honest, today I’m hoping to see a ceremonial bloodletting. I don’t especially dislike the Tennessee Volunteers, but to paraphrase a line from Jake Fromm: Somebody has to pay for the preparation I’m quite certain Kirby Smart had the team doing after last week.

Now, on to your weekly dose of R.E.M.:

This is your Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread. Feel free to use this space to talk about today’s game against the Volunteers, other college football action around the country, or whatever nonsense the knuckleheads on College Gameday are spouting. Also, as usual, I’m reminding you to purchase your earplugs before kickoff... it’s a Gary Danielson day. Y’all have a great morning. Until later...