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Three Keys To Beating Tennessee

NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, this Georgia - Tennessee game is not one you would highly anticipate.

The Dawgs are an enormous 32 or so point favorite. Other than the chance to hang 50 on the Vols, what’s the excitement factor?

There is one thanks to how the past two weeks have gone for Georgia. It sounds odd to say, even after two easy wins, but UGA needs to do some good things and get well this week.

Sure, no losses have occurred so far, but the performance the past two games has been less than crisp. This Saturday will show if the mental errors, mis-execution and headscratching were a fluke of cause for concern as October looms.

Here’s three keys to a Georgia win on Saturday.

Meet Potential

It does not matter what gameplan Georgia devises. The Dawgs need to avoid some of what happened a week ago - execute and avoid mental errors. We’re looking at you, dropped ball before the end zone. This is, oddly enough, a statement game for Georgia. It needs to come out, set a strong early message and not appear sluggish. Between a sloppy first half on offensive last week and losing the battle in the defensive interior, this team has much to prove this week.

Contain Callaway

UT’s Marquez Callaway is a dying breed - a holdover from the era of in-state players that Georgia was unable to win over. With his athleticism, Callaway can make plays, and look for UT to be creative with getting him the ball.

Lead By Double Digits At Half

Tennessee, logically can’t play as bad and turn it over as much as it did last week (or can they?). Regardless, the Vols have the look of a fragile team. If Georgia can get an early lead on a team that does not appear to have a lot of self-confidence, it’ll grind Tennessee into submission.

Go Dawgs!