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Dawg Bites For Pruitt Practice Facility Recognition Week

Middle Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

There are many reasons that the Cade Mays signing was a coup for Georgia. Chief among them - netting a five-star caliber lineman that was a Vol legacy.

It’s probably salt to UT in the wound that Mays gets an increased role...just in time for Tennessee coming to town

Video from Jake Fromm, via The Macon Telegraph, on looking forward to rebounding as an offense this Saturday

All jokes about the Indoor Practice Facility name honor aside, as long as Jeremy Pruitt is a head coach at Tennessee, discussion of his time in Athens, including the 2015 season that would make an incredible 30-for-30 drama one day, will come up. The Banner-Herald takes a look at it.

It could be a coincidence...or the QB battle at Clemson may not end well, according to reports from Auburn With A Lake.

No word yet on if any kerosene rags are laying around Clemson. The kerosene rags quote, by the way is courtesy of The Intimidator.

While who starts may not matter much in the big picture with Sam Pittman’s rotations on the offensive line, trends point to Cade Mays at guard and Andrew Thomas at left tackle.

As long as the near-disasters of the ball not crossing the goal line happen, there are bound to be lots of ideas to prevent it from happening to Georgia players.

Then again, there’s always this idea....

Tennessee week throwback to Sean Jones silencing Neyland with a single scoop and score. One thing easily overlook on this play - it never happens if David Pollack does not blow the play up to start with.

Go Dawgs!