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Your Week 5 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Tyler Clark. Tyler! TYLER!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY???

Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

And now we enter the meat of the season. Conference play is well and truly started, which means we will start to get an ever more accurate picture of how the college football landscape will set up in 2018. Its a wonderful Saturday slate with an extraordinary amount of televised Top 25 action. So get ready!

Let’s do this:

Your Week 5 College Football TV Schedule >>>>> CLICK HERE!!!

And now, on to my picks for your best viewing options in each time slot...


North Carolina Tar Heels @ #16 Miami Hurricanes, 8:00 p.m., ESPN

Now this is more like it! Thursday nights are back, baby!


Princeton Tigers @ Columbia Lions, 6:00 p.m., ESPNU

I am just crazy about this Friday night Ivy League thing ESPN seems to have going. And both teams are undefeated! As 8-Time Grammy Award Winner and Columbia alum, Art Garfunkel, once said, “May the stinking rot of Princeton, nay, all of New Jersey, drop into the bosom of the Atlantic.” Couldn’t agree more, Art. Go Lions!

Saturday Noon

Syracuse Orange @ #3 Clemson Tigers, 12:00 p.m., ABC

Just what the heck is going on with the Orange? They are 4-0 heading into Clemson. Now granted those wins are against Western Michigan, Wagner, FSU, and UCONN (and Western Michigan is probably the best of those teams!), but still. There are 4 undefeated teams in the ACC: Clemson, Syracuse, NC State, and Duke. I think that says more about the ACC than it does those teams. Is Syracuse playing on borrowed time? Probably. But it should be fun to find out.

Saturday Afternoon

Tennessee Volunteers Fighting Fulmers @ #2 Georgia Bulldogs, 3:30 p.m., CBS

Oh, I’m going to enjoy this — assuming Gary Danielson doesn’t ruin it for me.


#4 Ohio State Buckeyes @ #9 Penn State Nittany Lions

I’m generally not a fan of the rivalry trophy. The Okefenokee Oar, for example, is silly and unnecessary. But I’ll admit I was intrigued when the Buckeyes and Nittany Lions revealed the “Paterno-Meyer Leaders and Legends Controversy Cup”. That intrigue turned to true love when I caught my first glimpse of the trophy itself: a massive crystal rocks glass holding a removable gold-plated blindfold. Simply a majestic symbol of what it means to coach in one of the Big 10’s biggest rivalry games.

Late Night

#19 Oregon Ducks @ #24 California Golden Bears, 10:30 p.m., FS1

As someone noted among his peers for his love of the Eastern Time Zone, let me just say: Well done, Pacific Time.

And there it is!

That’s all for this week, folks. Until next time...