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Third Quarter Open Thread: Could Be Worse. Could Be Better.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia, despite its best effort's, finds itself state to a 20-7 lead over the Missouri Tigers headed into the second half. Offensively, Georgia is a mess. No offensive touchdowns despite four trips inside the Missouri 35.

Jake Fromm is 6 of 14 passing with some reads that he’ll want badly to have back once he sees the film. The third down play calling has been nonsensical. The execution has been perhaps even worse.

However the Bulldog defense has bailed them out by creating three turnovers, and the punt return unit added a crucial blocked punt and score by Eric Stokes to make this one look a lot better on the scoreboard than it does in living color.

In order to win this one Georgia just needs to not flounder around anymore than they have so far, and perhaps get something going on offense. Irregardless, there will be some post game questions about exactly how disheveled things looked in this first half. Let’s hope the answer from Kirby Smart is more “"we got it sorted out at the half” than “"we gotta sort it out when we get home.”

Go ‘Dawgs!!!