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Friday Morning Dawg Bites Thinks Too Much Of Us Is Dangerous

This. Is. Serious.

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

As a serious Georgia Bulldogs squad looks to make the Missouri Tigers delirious, let my guided 90s musical nightmare continue! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Trevor George Smith, Jr.:

Now, on to your Friday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • In case you missed it, it looks like Jordan Rodgers got into that good, good kush. Jeez, Jordan! I know you’re a light-weight but that’s why it’s important to know your limits, buddy. You only have so many brain cells, Jo-Jo. Best not to kill ‘em all at once.
  • The staff of The Red and Black was kind enough to pick this weekend’s big games. Everyone appears to be on the same page regarding Georgia/Mizzou, but I’ll say overall they’re significantly more bullish on both Florida and Stanford than I am.
  • And speaking of The Red & Black, they have an excellent profile of Bulldog DB J.R. Reed.
  • Ditto for this piece on Brenton Cox in The Macon Telegraph.
  • The folks over at CBS Sports have their expert picks and, man, it sure doesn’t look like a whole lot is going to change this weekend if they’re right (although there is considerably more variability ATS... no way Tech covers on Clemson. lol.).
  • Wanna know what kind of ticky-tack violations UGA had to report to the NCAA? Me either. Still it’s good to know that covering up domestic violence is okay, but giving a need-based grant so a 12 year old can participate in gymnastics is a no-no. Priorities. The NCAA has them.
  • Are you frustrated and angry about our current QBs and their apparent refusal to throw the ball 40 times a game? Are you never satisfied with mere game management? Are you a whiny little baby that is always complaining about everything? Then I’ve got good news for you! 2020’s #1 QB has Georgia among his four finalists! So start checking out that lush, green grass that is much more lustrous and thick than the grass we’ve got right now. In the meantime, practice saying that last name, shut up, and leave the rest of us to wallow in mediocrity.
  • Y’all know I love #ThrowdownThursday, right? Well here you go! Flipping 300 lbs from Sanford to the Chapel Bell? Color me impressed.
  • Twitter also brings us some non-football Dawg action! I honestly don’t know how Tom Crean will perform at UGA (I’m hoping for the best), but the man does have his social media game down. The only thing better than an adorable animal pic is an adorable Bulldog on a skateboard pic:
  • And with that, I can’t resist asking: Who’s a good boy?
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

That’s all for now, folks. Until later...