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Chapel Bell Curve: Cry Havoc Plays! And Let Slip The Dinks And Dunks Of War!

NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The guys are back with their preview of the Missouri Tigers, an efficient, numbers-heavy affair that showcases:

• A deepppp dive into exactly how dangerous Drew Lock and the Mizzou offense really are.

• A frank discussion of how conversely toothless the Tiger defense has looked, and how to properly flay them. Because it's about ethics in torture.

• The ever-enjoyable Hot Rod Watch.

• Alabama’s statistically-verified Achilles heel. No, we swear it exists. Why are you laughing?

• The final nail in the coffin of your ill-considered plan to travel back in time and rule the Earth. Thanks again, Hatin’ Ass Lawrence. Until later, be sure to review and download wherever fine podcasts are sold, and....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!