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Is “Opportunity” the good word?

Tennessee v Missouri
“Wait.....they want to talk to me? Me?”
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Psst. Hey kid, want to see something cool? Check this out.

I still haven't found the site to which Wolken is referring, at least in part because I haven't bothered to look. I assume it’s probably StingTalk, but who knows. The desperation on all Tech message boards is probably indistinguishable at this point.

One could be forgiven for wondering why Tech fans would be developing a crush on the guy who somehow managed to go winless in an SEC East that included Vanderbilt and Kentucky. But the fact is the intersection of coaches who’d be willing to come to North Avenue and coaches the Gnats can afford happens to sit in a pretty shabby corner of town.

And while it's funny to imagine the Nerds pining over the Three Star General, one has to wonder if he’d do much worse than Major Turkey Neck has this season. In case you've missed the hilarity thus far, Tech is riding a two game losing streak (to USF and Pitt) and has Clemson coming up this weekend. With top 25 outfits Miami, Virginia Tech, and Georgia coming up later, the Jackets are a decent bet for a sub-.500 season. I hope you find that as hilarious as I do.

It’s one thing to watch Georgia Tech fans’ preseason hopes come crashing down. You can do that almost every year. But one of the true joys of having your college football team on an upswing is seeing your rivals panic over falling further and further behind. Hiring a guu who can't coach his way from one end of a ham sandwich to the other is just a bonus. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!