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Recapping The Keys To A Win

Middle Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

By all accounts, Georgia handled its business in Saturday’s 49-7 win over MTSU. It says volumes about the culture that the program has taken on in that a blowout win was not without its aspects that Georgia can improve on.

Pass The Energy Test

Saturday will be a test of how this team plays when the bright lights are not shining. This won’t be a primetime audience or rabid road environment due to Thursday’s moving of the game to Noon. It’s easy to be motivated when a lot is on the line. Depending on fan turnout Saturday, it may very well be a test of how focused this team can be outside of those big moments and execute to expectations.

This one was a mixed bag, to be honest. Big plays? Georgia had them, and the home crowd showing up in force played a healthy role in that respect. On the other side of the coin, mental penalties along the offensive line and special teams showed either a lack of focus or rust - something that obviously will have to be cleaned up going forward.

Contain The Pass

Given how much Brent Stockstill and MTSU throw the ball, the figure to focus on may not be yards - those will come by default. The key will be to make sure those throws do not turn into big plays.

In a way, playing MTSU works out well for Georgia. Much a Wofford or Georgia Southern serves as a warmup for Georgia Tech, Saturday will be a nice defensive dress rehersal for Mizzou and Drew Lock next week.

As expected, the Blue Raiders had their offensive moments, amounting to 130 yards and 6.5 yards per pass completion. Georgia did manage, at the same time, to limit that effort, the longest pass being 41 yards.

Drive The Ball!

It’s a tried and true formula. The best way to stop a potent offense? Hold the ball an keep them on the field. In other words, Georgia needs a lot of overpowering, keep the ball drives like it had last week in the third quarter.

Time of possession ended up being a misnomer as Georgia swapped in its bench in the second half with a 42-7 halftime lead. Still, the Dawgs still held an edge there, holding the ball for 31:50. In the first half, Georgia did not have an offensive scoring drive shorter than 49 yards, also stringing together drives of 87 and 94 yards.

Go Dawgs!