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Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread

I’m sorry...

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Depending upon where you find yourself this morning, the weather may be foul. May those of you in the path of Hurricane Florence remain safe and dry, and may your property remain undamaged. Regardless of where you find yourself today, I suggest you hunker down with friends, family, and food for an exciting day of college football (the cause of and cure for all sadness and despair on Earth). Your Dawgs will be suiting up a little earlier than previously expected (Noon, ESPN News) and we’ll have to see if it’s a wet one. I’m sorry (both genuinely and for the pun).

This is your Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread. Let us know your thoughts on the Dawgs, the MTSU Blue Raiders, and how you’ll be spending your September Saturday morning. Until later...