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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Knows More Isn’t Always Better

Georgia v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday, ‘Dawg Fans! But as we prep for another Fall Saturday in Athens, we have to face the possibility that it brings an unwelcome visitor with it. Namely a tropical cyclone in some form or fashion. And like Toto below, things were just fine until they added in some cameo vocals.

I will admit that it is very on brand for Michael McDonald though.

On to News of the World:

Us Bulldog fans are really getting on board with what Kirby Smart is building in Athens, and we recognize it as different and special. The Macon Telegraph encapsulates some of those differences and how Coach Smart has achieved it.

You need an abbreviated version of the article above? Different words but it tells the same story.

Pshaw, you say. We here at Dawg Sports never shy from presenting opinions from both sides of the aisle. With no further ado, here are some folks who eschew Kool-Aid.

There is a quarterback controversy in the Classic City. Is there a quarterback controversy? The AJC isn’t saying there is one, they are also not saying there isn’t one.

Practice report from the Red and Black: Godwin good, Ledbetter good, McGhee maybe not so good, and Thomas maybe worse. I think the operative words for this season are “the 2-deep”. I’m getting sick of hearing it repeated so often, but it is a real thing and is an immense difference-maker. Then I don’t mind so much.

Our opponent this weekend isn’t backing down from the challenge. My favorite lines, understating then using exaggerations and saying it isn’t an understatement, are:

Coming off its first win of 2018, Middle Tennessee will face its toughest test of the season in Week 3 when it travels to Georgia.

and then:

Saying the Blue Raiders (1-1) are facing a mountain of a task on Saturday may be an understatement.

That should get your Thursday started. If you’re on the coast or in the way of Florence, Hunker Down. And as always...