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Georgia Savage Tweet of the Week

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

We interrupt your routine Wednesday evening to shed some light on a Damn Good Dawg named Linds. Judging by her UGA gear in her Twitter profile pic and the “Go Dawgs” in her bio, it’s safe to assume Linds is quite the Georgia fan.

Today, Linds found a most unusual visitor in the Instagram DMs….

Not a bad effort at all by Deebo Samuel. He wasn’t vulgar by any means, and he obviously knows what the rest of us do in that the women who support The University of Georgia are of the highest caliber.

However, after disrespecting Georgia’s All-SEC cornerback Deandre Baker before last weekend’s game, and then subsequently getting shut down by Baker to the tune of 33 yards receiving, maybe sliding in a Dawg fan’s DMs isn’t the best idea…

Savage. Just savage. Georgia beat writer Radi Nabulsi suggested giving her the Savage Pads, and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I think Linds is the official owner of the Savage Pads. At the very least we need to put her Twitter handle on the pads somewhere like a NASCAR car.

Deandre Baker is now shutting down Deebo Samuel both on and off the field. In respect to Samuel, he handled that burn about as well as anyone could, although this type of response should have been expected from a DGD:

The only thing that could have possibly made this any better would be if Samuel hit her back with a Sandstorm pun, like “Why you gotta be so Darude?”

Anyways, Linds is a savage for this one, and the Dawgs continue to hand the Gamecocks L’s.