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New Georgia commit Jermaine Johnson has speed, size, and perspective.

Georgia v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

Independence Community College defensive end Jermaine Johnson, II could be forgiven for not being terribly humble. The young man is rated the #1 JUCO recruit in America, and he recently chose to play football for the defending SEC champions, turning down offers from football powerhouses like Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, and Miami. That kind of thing could give a kid a big head.

But not Jermaine Johnson, apparently. After recently making his college commitment known on Twitter, Johnson last night released this video thanking the school's that recruited him. In an era in which top college football prospects are celebrated and glad-handed, and in which some internalize the adulation to a degree that actually holds them back at the next level, I have a feeling Johnson may do just fine.

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Go ‘Dawgs!!!