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The Friday Tailgate Rides Again!

NCAA Football: North Carolina vs Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Friday Tailgate, the virtual pop up tent under which we gather and nervously pass these last few hours before kickoff. Maestro, the soundtrack, please:

I have never been a big fan of betting on college football. In my experience, college age young men are inherently unreliable from a statistical standpoint. I feel confident saying this because I was one and, frankly, I was unpredictable even for myself.

I'm pretty confident Georgia walks away with a resounding victory over Austin Peay. Whether or not that win will particularly satisfy the fanbase is entirely in the eye of the beholder.

With that prediction out of the way we can get down to the real sport: predicting the ultimately insignificant minutiae of tomorrow’s matchup in our favorite Friday game: Over or Under?

As a refresher, it works like this: I set forth a proposition numerical in nature regarding tomorrow's game. You tell me whether the result in reality will be over or under the number that I posit. For example, if the question is “"will Jake Fromm rush for 0.9 touchdowns” and he rushes for 1, the answer is “"over.” See how that works? Now...

Over or under?

  1. Jake Fromm will throw 3.9 touchdown passes.
  2. Justin Fields will throw 0.9 touchdown passes.
  3. Elijah Holyfield will rush for 69.9 yards.
  4. James Cook will amass 69.9 yards of total offense.
  5. The Bulldog tight ends will snag 4.9 catches.
  6. Austin Peay scores 7.9 points.
  7. Jake Fromm takes 0.9 snaps in the fourth quarter.
  8. Deandre Baker intercepts 0.9 passes.
  9. Tyson Campbell intercepts 0.9 passes.
  10. Georgia covers the 48.5 point spread.

We’ll accept your answers and explanations in the comments. Until later.....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!