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Three Ingredients To A Georgia Win

Georgia v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

No matter how you slice it up, the glorious feeling of football season in Athens returns on Saturday as the Bulldogs host Austin Peay.

If Georgia does three five things, it’ll overthrow the Governors quicker than Sheriff Bart and the Waco Kid undid Hedley Lamarr and Gov. William B. Lepetomane’s railroad in Blazing Saddles.

Empty the stadium in the fourth

Seeing fans heading for the exits is not usually a good thing when you’re at home. On Saturday, with about seven minutes to go, however, it’ll be a good thing as it’ll mean that Georgia is on its way to a blowout win and fans, having gotten their fill of Krypton in, have headed for the exits to beat the traffic home. If it’s a repeat of Nicholls, with fans staying around to see if an embarrassing loss can be won’t be a fun time, to say the least.

200 and 200 on offense

I’m not really hung up on the individual numbers here, but if Georgia rushes for 200 yards and Jake Fromm throws for 200-plus, it’ll be a good afternoon in the Classic City. If Georgia wins big, as expected, it could very well mean a heavy dose of its stable of running backs and not just D’Andre Swift and Elijah Holyfield and not so much each of them, or even one, hitting 100 yards.

Five sacks

Ok, maybe that number sounds a bit lofty for an opener. But given Georgia’s talent and depth capable of wearing down Austin Peay, controlling the line of scrimmage with at least five sacks should be manageable.

What do you think? What are other keys to a win on Saturday?

Either way...Go Dawgs!