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Friday Morning Dawg Bites Don’t Want to Wait

Will it be yes or will it be... sorry?

Jake Fromm is definitely more of a Pacey.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, I began taking you on a nightmare musical voyage through my diseased mind with each week’s Dawg Bites. Week by week last season, I brought you the cringe-inducing 70s and 80s tunes my sick brain somehow connected to my mood about the Georgia Bulldogs and their 2017 exploits. As you may have noticed, things seem to have worked out pretty well. Ever the superstitious one, I have determined that if the Dawgs are to repeat their success from last season, your horrifying journey must continue... with one small alteration. Based on last week’s selection (“This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan), you’ve surely guessed by now that I’ll be jumping into my middle and high school years: the mid to late 1990’s. Prepare for the pain... and remember you are enduring this for the University of Georgia.

Now, I’m pretty anxious to find out what the Dawgs will accomplish this year. Will they win another conference championship? A National Title? If pressed, I’d have to summarize my feelings thusly: “I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over... I want to know, right now, what will it be?!?!?”

And now on to your end-of-the-week, oh-my-God-can-Saturday-just-get-here-already Bulldogs news for the day:

  • First off, today is National College Colors Day. Now, I know that this is just a holiday created by the licensing people to boost sales... but folks are gonna be out there in Creamsicle orange. I need you to deck yourselves out in red & black so we don’t end up with an entire generation of children completely unable to perceive color.
  • Get ready for the start of the season with a projected 2-deep from The Red & Black.
  • Speaking of that fine publication, Jed May has a nice profile of Georgia’s 3rd String QB, Matthew Downing, and how he made his way to UGA. You know everything else has been written about ad nauseam and the season is almost underway when you get around to profiling the 3rd String QB, but its a nice story nonetheless and Downing seems like a Damn Good Dawg.
  • We have a beginning of the season trailer/hype video from Georgia Football!!!
  • And in a somewhat non-Georgia-centric post that you will nonetheless enjoy, DudeYouCrazy does a bang up job preparing University of Washington fans to trash talk the Wartiglesmen.

That’s all for now folks. Until next time...