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Kirby Smart Monday Presser: Injury news and naming the starters (loljkhaha)

Georgia v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kirby Smart made his weekly Monday press appearance today, and injury news was the topic of the day. There was good news (Jayson Stanley and Kearis Jackson may play), bad news (Tyrique McGhee won’t) and no news (Terry Godwin remains questionable).

For the record I’d be a little surprised if Godwin, recovering from a knee injury suffered early in fall practice, sees the field on Saturday in significant chunks. The Bulldogs’ top returning receiver will be badly needed next week against South Carolina, and there’s no need to risk an aggravation against Austin Peay. If Georgia can’t impeach the Governors without Godwin we’ve got bigger problems.

Smart also did that thing where he totally doesn't name starters for Saturday because you can't make him and the SEC maybe could but they haven't. As long as the ‘Dawgs keep winning, I think we can all agree he could name Lady Gaga the starter at inside linebacker and Josh Groban the offensive coordinator.

There was also a Coke bottle. We’re still processing the Coke bottle. But we’ll get back to you once we understand its deep symbolic meaning.

You can catch the full press conference video below:

Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!