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DawgSports Exclusive: Q&A with Kirby’s Coke Bottle

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, how did you get here?

Heck if I know. Only thing I’m aware of is getting carried here this morning by Claude Felton. I just go where that bunch takes me, to be honest with you.

Are you concerned with those that compare you to the likes of Big K, Dr. Publix and Pepsi.

That’s the least my concern, especially when it comes to soda pop from up north. Our focus is to represent the expectations of our fans and University, ok? Besides, have you ever heard of a ‘Jack and Pepsi?’ I don’t think so. Our brand doesn’t need Shaq or Van Halen’s 1990’s references to stay relevant.

Can you tell us who the quarterback will be?

No promises. I don’t want to lose my podium spot to Coke Zero. Plus, I might get left out in the sun in the coach’s box on Saturday.

Will Terry Godwin play on Saturday?

We’ve got a lot of season in front of us and just have to take it one game at a time.

That’s not even close to answering my question.

Coke bottle is only one man.


I just want to thank God.

Are you....are you Varsity Blues-ing me?


Moving on. How would you describe your image?

I mean….does it get more American than Coca-Cola red?

Ok, let’s talk coordination. What’s your best gameday combo?

Few things are more Georgian than a Coke and peanuts. Boiled ones from Hardy Farms, especially. Even on the rare time when a gameday isn’t enjoyable, few things take the sting away better than coke and peanuts.

What’s the key to beating Austin Peay?

Scoring more points.

Favorite Kirbyism?

Pressure is a privilege.

Anything else to add?

You bet. Go Dawgs!