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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: This Is How We Do It

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Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We’re now a week away from the best weekend of the year... the first weekend of college football. I mean, technically, there are a couple of games this weekend, but I’m not gonna get all jacked up for Hawaii and Colorado State. Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna watch it. Hell, I’m probably gonna stay up until 2 a.m. watching Wyoming and New Mexico State. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna get hyped (Narrator: He was definitely getting hyped).

Anyway, next weekend is the real deal and, for that, you should be getting excited. As we kick off our first full week of wall-to-wall Georgia football coverage here at Dawg Sports (and my first nostalgia-fueled musical nightmare selection of the season), I figured I ought to show any new readers how we do it. So tip up your cup and throw your hands up and let me hear the party say...

And now, the news:

So, this being that aggregate links post and me being here unable to link to Seth’s awesome work, I’ll just take this opportunity to once and for all say that Seth Emerson is the reason I subscribed to The Athletic. If you did the same, I think you’d be pleased. Also, check out Will Leitch’s outstanding interview with Seth.

  • Finally (and somewhat related), if you haven’t already treated your ear holes to two of the best podcasts money can’t buy, I suggest you indulge in the latest episodes of both Waitin’ Since Last Saturday and Chapel Bell Curve. Come for the quality Georgia Bulldogs analysis, stay for the Northwestern jabs and McGarity hate (respectively).

On a side note, as mentioned above, there is college football tomorrow night. Hawaii and Colorado St. at 7:30 on CBSSN and Wyoming and New Mexico St. at 10:00 on ESPN2 (Not to mention Jacksonville St. and NC A&T on ESPN at 7:00). If your thirst for college football is as in need of quenching as my own, we’ll have an open comment thread here starting at 7 p.m. Just a few drinks, a few laughs, maybe a therapy session to help us cope with this sickness that is so clearly chipping away at our mental faculties... you know, a typical Saturday night at Dawg Sports.

That’s all for now folks.

Until later... GOOOO DAWGS!!!