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Waiting Longer For White

Zamir’s Debut Delayed, by Dawgs Have Plenty of Running Back Options

Steve Colquitt, UGA Sports Communications

Why have an embarrassment of riches at any position on the roster?

On Saturday, in the case of Georgia, it was shown why Kirby Smart doesn’t just fill basic needs on the depth chart rather than building up strong depth.

The hopes of Zamir White playing Between The Hedges this fall were by all accounts dashed when he suffered an apparent ACL injury during a non-contact injury.

It’s a tough setback for White, but the good news is that it’s not the same knee that he injured last year. He previously injured his right ACL.

White wasn’t going to be a feature-type back, at least from the start, but he was working his way to being an option to plug in as well as if Jim Chaney was looking for a two-back set.

Simply put, it means that a bit more will be demanded of Georgia’s running backs, something that Dell McGee isn’t likely to let them forget at any point.

D’Andre Swift are still the top two backs for obvious reasons. Toss in Brian Herrien and James Cook, and the options for Georgia to open the running game up are still pretty deep.

It’s one of many stark differences in the state of the program now versus a few years ago. During the lost in the offensive wilderness portion of the 2013 season when the top two running back options were JJ Green and Brendan Douglas, it was screnario set up by injuries, putting guys in the backfield that were solid, but not the type to take over games. For Georgia, losing multiple backs on this team does not quite sound those alarm bells.

Go Dawgs!