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Get Well Soon, Bobo!

NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Colorado State The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a slither of fear and intrigue for a part of Georgia fans any time that a head coaching spot opens up in the ACC or SEC that former Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will in the mix.

The longer that Bobo remains at Colorado State attaining solid results for the Rams, it’s a matter of time for Bobo to be considered for a visible head coaching post. Bobo, as most offensive coordinators are, was nitpicked to death in Athens in spite of putting up gaudy numbers (if you want to insert an obligatory “Run the ball, Bobo!” jab, now’s the time).

Those aspirations and expectations, however, are on hold for now.

Colorado State announced Monday that Bobo is taking a medical leave of absence following numbness in his feet.

The first thing’s first for Bobo. For the sake of himself and his wife and kids, getting well and to the bottom of his ailments is first and foremost.

It goes without saying that a good part of the Bulldog Nation sends its good thoughts to Bobo.

His offense aside, one reason that Georgia fans hold an affinity for Bobo is that he’s one of them, especially if you are from the 229 area code. If you’re a guy from South Georgia that likes to hunt, fish or kick back a cold one every now and then, Bobo may as well be one of your own. That appeal’s part of what resonates on the recruiting trail and a reason why he was a key asset in helping Richt’s staff pull in targets from South Georgia.

In football, coaches come and go.

When it comes to Bobo, he has an uncanny similarity to many fans that sit in the stands in Athens.

Coaches may come and go, but Bobo has a special attraction about him.

It’s why Mondays news was so jarring.

Get well soon, Bobo.

Go Dawgs!