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Robertson Keeps Athens Elation Going

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

In case you thought that affairs could not get any more surreal for the Georgia football program, Friday afternoon happened.

Truth be told, there has probably not been a more exciting one-year stretch for the Bulldogs program, at least since the “Goal Line Stalker” roamed around Athens.

Consider the following that has happened in the past year for Georgia.

Convincing wins over each rival

Going to and winning at Notre Dame

A first SEC title since 2005

Playing for a national title, frankly before many expected the opportunity to arrive

Kirby Smart and his staff pretty much getting any recruit that the Georgia staff targets, bidding farewell to the state being raided by opposing programs from bordering states.

And then there was Friday.

Georgia already had former five-star receiver Demetris Robertson on campus. But there was a cloud of doubt of if the NCAA would actually clear him to be eligible. This is the NCAA, after all, who recently in some instances has appeared to stand for anything but student-athletes. All one needs to do as far as Georgia is concerned is to dwell on the sagas of Todd Gurley and Kolton Houston.

That doubt evaporated on Friday with the NCAA declaring Robertson, the transfer from California, eligible to play right away.

First thing’s first. Robertson greatly bolsters the arsenal for Jim Chaney to draw up passing plays for Jake Fromm or when he is in the game, Justin Fields. The Bulldogs receivers were solid already with Terry Godwin, Mecole Hardman and Riley returning, but last year’s top producer at that spot, Javon Wims has to be replaced. That task is much easier with Robertson cleared for a full go, giving the Bulldogs an element of speed capable of beating opposing defenses deep.

Excitement-wise, things could not be more thrilling around Athens these days.

Georgia may play for a title again this year. They may not. The bottom line is that programs don’t have these type of cycles very often.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Go Dawgs!