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Are you ready? It’s time for Erk’s Calendar


UGA Sports Communications

Erk Russell is afforded legendary status for many reasons.

Among them, for both Georgia and Georgia Southern fans, is his Friendly Reminder Calendar, a guide to his charges through the years. Given the on-field results, it was one of his many motivational tactics that worked.

So as we roll into August toward preseason camp in Athens, here’s some good old fashioned Wisdom of Erk!

Among the highlights:

  • Run with vigor and gusto. If they’re not available, run alone. But run, run, run!!
  • Dear Abby: Only three weeks ‘til football and my boys aren’t working. What do you say?

Ole Coach.

Dear Ole Coach, Adios!



  • Think BIG today. Get a BIG neck. Run a BIG mile.
  • There’s nothing like being a Bulldog on a Saturday night after a win. Run to win!
  • When the roll is called up yonder in Athens, I’ll be there! Will you? Go to church in the morning. Run in the afternoon.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Coaches kids like to eat, coaches do too. Please get in shape.
  • Today is a day of rest. That means go to church and sunday school and run the rest of the day! Ask the preacher to run, too.
  • Last Sunday at home. Go to church, say a prayer for the Dogs. Remember, he who runneth not getteth not in shape and loseth all his games.
  • “You can’t con Vince. You must convince.”
  • Pictures today. Steaks for those that make their weight, jello for those who don’t.
  • Today’s lecture will concern the hereafter. If you’re not here what I’m after, I’ll be here after you’re gone.

Go Dawgs and GATA!