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Dawg Sports wants to know: your most annoying opponent tradition

San Jose State v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

College football is about tradition.

Calling the ‘Dawgs. The Lone Trumpeter. Ringing the Chapel Bell. The University of Georgia has a plethora of traditions, and they are fantastic.

Our rivals? Not so much.

From playing “Rocky Top” over and over again because they don't know any other songs, to playing “Sandstorm” 1,739 times per half, and shrieking “What’s the good word?!?!” at each other, the schools perennially on Georgia’s football schedule perennially engage in neurotic group behavior that is hard to comprehend and harder to endure.

But what is the single most annoying opponent tradition out there? Florida fans pantomiming alligator jaws (which never actually close slowly)? Tech fans who refuse to capitalize the “u” in UGA? Auburn fans just, you know, existing?

Dawg Sports wants to know: what is the opponent tradition, on or off the field, that just absolutely burns your biscuits, and why?