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One Remaining UGA-Bama Difference

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s cliche or an easy comparison to make when trying to stack the programs of Georgia and Alabama side by side.

Both have defense-first head coaches with fiery and driven personalities, and that mentality guides many aspects within the program.

Other than the national titles won in the recent years, of course, there’s one other area where Georgia is still looking to close the gap - fear.

And it’s why year three may be more important than any other season for Georgia. Last year set the bar high. Now comes to tough part of that level of play - sustaining it.

Georgia doesn’t necessarily need to play for the CFP Playoff title again this year. It does, however, need to become a factor in one way or another.

If it does that, the perception of the program changes from one that ‘had a great year’ to one that is feared each year.

In other words - one that players and talking heads from multiple teams in the division wouldn’t have any qualms about predicting wins against. It can be argued to a degree that Georgia isn’t respected on the level that a national title contender should be.

Truthfully, it began last year with the infamous ‘Jake Fromm just throws slant passes’ idiocy.

This week at SEC Media Days, and the short time before, turned into a bit of comedy hour.

Now let’s not dogpile the Gators too heavy here. The score didn’t tell the whole story. It could have been much worse. But let’s stop the playing the WLOCP in Athens talk. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The whole ‘We want Bama’ bit has become a bit of an internet joke - because very few right-thinking teams desire to provoke the Crimson Tide’s ire, because it’s well-known what they are capable of.

There’s little doubt that the future is white-hot for this Georgia program. In time, the healthy fear of the Bulldogs will grow, especially within the SEC.

Go Dawgs!