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50 Great Reasons To Be A Bulldog

NCAA Football: North Carolina vs Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In 50 days, the season kicks off the the Georgia Bulldogs.

So in that spirit, here’s 50 reasons why it’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog!


“Is this heaven? No, it’s Athens.”

The University of Georgia is home to not only America’s Greatest College Town, but also a place that once you spend any time there, it keeps beckoning you back, football Saturday or not.

Following Flags

It doesn’t matter what part of the state of beyond you are from. One autumn Saturdays, as you peel into traffic among other cars with red and black flags, you know you are among like-minded company, and Athens is the destination.

Turning North at Madison

Whether you are from South Georgia, Middle Georgia or other places around I-20, it’s a special feeling as you draw within half an hour or so on 129/441, knowing that Athens is not too far away.

Up 316

Like crossing over a great divide, the stream of red and black on gameday signifies that Atlanta is in the rear view and Athens is next.

Clisby Clark’s Bulldog Bite

Bonus points here in you or your parents had the vinyl record of this classic tune.


Before Georgia Southern adopted his slogans, Erk Russell was, without question, an icon in Athens - for his on-field motivation wizardry, the play of his troops on defense and beyond. Do yourself a favor in August - read the 30-Day Reminder Calendar


There was only one, and there will never ever be another. As a younger Georgia fan, there’s envy of those that saw him play in person.

Breaking Florida’s Heart

Sure, Spurrier has been a thorn in Georgia’s side, but nothing beats torturing a rival by ruining unbeaten seasons or preventing a pair of Heisman Trophy winners from being unbeaten.

Bill Stanfill

Does it get any better than Stanfill chasing Spurrier around, spoiling his otherwise splendid Heisman season?


Few Bulldogs have a proverbial off/on switch to be able to score when they want. Gurley, in between his highlight-reel runs and leaps, had just that.


Time will tell, but Roquan Smith may very well be the one of the most dynamic players to suit up on defense for Georgia.

The Arch

Even if hazing of underclassmen not longer occurs, its reverence if you are a graduate means an awful, awful lot.

North Campus

If you have never walked across in on a warm spring day, you owe it to yourself to do so.

Lewis Grizzard

Not only was Lewis one of the most revered Southerners of all time, but he was one of us.


The greatest mascot of all time. Case closed.

Between The Hedges

Often imitated, never duplicated.

Campus view from stadium

Sanford Stadium may have grown, but the connection of being able look to campus from the East End Zone is one of the greatest views from the stadium on gameday.

Dan Magill

The greatest Bulldog fan of all time, in knowledge and enthusiasm. He did after all, coin the phrase, “Majority Party of the Empire State of the South.”

Silver Britches

No, grey is not the same thing.

Celebrity Fans

Love him or hate him, Jason Aldean donning a UGA guitar strap as other celebrities with ties to UGA including Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, Ryan Seacrest, Deborah Norville, Wayne Knight (Newman!!) and Alton Brown.

Rose Bowl Classic

Last year’s Rose Bowl was one of the greatest ever played. Georgia was both part of it and won.

It’s Not Tech

“If you think that Tech is not Georgia’s biggest rival, just lose to them once and you’ll find out.”

Deep South’s Greatest Rivalry

Between a near-even series record, two schools being similar and even crossover of coaches from both sides, Georgia and Auburn epitomizes rivalry. Being a Georgia fan means being part of it.


Few things were better than turning the TV down and the radio up to hear Munson on Saturdays. “Alright, get the picture, now...”

The Varsity

Few things top a Varsity Hot Dog, WhaddayaHave?

Weaver D’s

Being in Athens meant going to this icon.

Special drinks and food

Whether your gameday food drinks are brought from the store or homemade special, the mixture of them all blended together makes many a tailgate memorable.

Tailgating families

You may only see them a few Saturdays a year, but some of those tailgating nearby may as well be family.

Takeovers on road

Whether it’s Knoxville, Nashville, Sanford Stadium West or most recently, South Bend or Pasadena, few things define the Bulldog Nation more than the unbridled energy of fans following the Dawgs on the road.

Golden Isles Invasion

Like a tidal wave, red and black streams southward each late October down I-75 and also down Georgia 15 (or any other back way of preference) to the Golden Isles. For that reason alone, the WLOCP belongs in Jacksonville.

Loran, whaddaya got?

You might be a Bulldog fan if, you have your ‘Well, Larry…” impression.

One of America’s greatest college bands.

“Keep your seats everyone. The Redcoats are coming!”

Milledge on Pledge Week

Not sure we have to say too much, here.

Family traditions

For many, Bulldog fandom did not start yesterday. It began on Saturdays with family tailgating after a stop by a favorite spot to load up on pregame food, watching games on TV with Munson on the radio and so much more.

Chapel Bell

A must-do for any true Georgia fan- ring the Chapel Bell once after a win.

Insane fans

There are far too many to name whose life epitomized being a Bulldog. From the late Mike “Big Dawg” Woods and Super Dawg to the “Bulldog Joker,” it’s hard to be excited on gameday when you see fans like these.

Jack Davis

Few artists capture the drama of being a Bulldog like Jack Davis and his amazing artwork.

Hugh’s Dawgs

Stegeman Coliseum may have been less than state of the art, but the excitement of Hugh Durham’s teams, especially with a Final Four run and a 1990 SEC title gave fans lots of memories on the hardwood.

Dominique Wilkins

He wasn’t a Tar Heel, Terrapin or a Wolfpack. He was a Bulldog.

Landers Legend

The best women’s basketball coach through the 80s and 90s not named Pat Summitt. Plus - his Bulldog Club speeches were grossly underrated.

Teresa Edwards

As women’s hoopsters go, Georgia claims one of the most legendary.

Kevin Butler

Before he was a mainstay for the Bears, he made plenty of big kicks in Athens. Just ask Clemson fans.

Hobnail Boot

It’s hard, very hard to top having Tennessee almost beat you in their house and flying down the field to return the favor in heartbreaking fashion. Lots and lots of demons were removed from the Georgia program that day.


Yes, that’s still the time in Texas

Rose, Orange and Sugar wins

Georgia has a claim few programs can boast - wins in three of college football’s biggest bowl games.

Super bowl MVPs

Georgia doesn’t just produce NFL talent - it turns out talent that excels on the NFL’s biggest stage with Super Bowl MVPs including Hines Ward, Terrell Davis and Jake Scott.

John Isner

A Bulldog is in the Wimbledon semis. Not too shabby at all.


Sure it was a household phrase thanks to Erk Russell. But slogans like that and Attack The Day aren’t just buzz words. They unite the entire fan base.

Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs

It’s not everyday that the Godfather of Soul sings about your team.

Royal Visit

Georgia football has such status that in 1977 it included a stop by Prince William during his tour of the U.S.

Now, you tell us. What’s the best thing about being a Bulldog?