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A Dawg Fan’s Road Trip Bucket List?

Georgia v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

There were many things that made last year’s takeover of South Bend special.

The win aside, one of the biggest reasons that it stood out was that playing a Notre Dame is a once in a lifetime stage for SEC schools like Georgia. You don’t get many chances to play in storied venues like Notre Dame Stadium.

Looking ahead, attractive out of conference or road trips are few and far between.

Notre Dame has its return trip to Athens in 2019, and the Georgia takes on Virginia in the 2020 Kickoff Classic game in Atlanta.

Otherwise, the future schedule is full of teams that’s hard to get excited about playing against.

That, of course, raises the question. What’s should be on the UGA road trip bucket list?

One key rule - each road trip has to include a return trip by the opponent to Athens.


This one’s obvious. This rivalry should and needs to resume. Regardless of records, this could be an early season highlight. The fact that both currently are on the big national stage would be an added bonus.

Ohio State.

Not only is it the Horseshoe, but who wouldn’t want a chance to get another shot at Urban Meyer?


This one’s on par with Notre Dame as far as college football cathedrals go. Just be sure to bring your khakis.


Opponent aside here, how fun would another takeover of Chicago be?


Can you imagine pulling a boat up to tailgate in Seattle? An added bonus would be a night game, allowing a day at the fish market.’ll determine who the top Dawg in college football is.

Colorado State.

Kirby vs. Bobo...and who wouldn’t want a trip to the Rockies?

Appalachian State.

This one seems odd on the surface, but a weekend in Boone would rank high in the fun department.

Texas A&M.

It’s inexcusable that Georgia does not go to College Station until 2024. Why not tweak the SEC schedule to play sooner?

East Carolina

Greenville’s a fun town, and what better time to flex some tailgating muscle and show Eastern NC what BBQ is all about?


Two of college football’s most recognizable brands, plus another trip to LA as a bonus.