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Dawg Sports wants to know: Your most memorable opposing fan interaction.

Georgia Bulldog football fans are passionate about their team. And they’re not the only ones.

Attending any Bulldog football game, whether in the Classic City or on the road, is bound to bring you in contact with other over-the-top college football enthusiasts. Some of them will be cordial. Some will be witty. Some will exhibit all the jovial good nature of a hemorrhoidal pit bull.

All of which brings us to this morning’s question: what was your most memorable interaction with an opposing fan?

Mine came after the 2009 LSU game. Perhaps you remember. Washaun Ealey debuted with a gutsy effort on the ground. Joe Cox led a furious drive which ended in a touchdown pass to A.J. Green with 1:09 left on the clock to put the ‘Dawgs on top.

Then 2009 UGA football happened. Green was flagged for a celebration penalty that was dubious at best, pushing the kickoff back 15 yards. Then Trindon Holliday returned the kickoff into Bulldog territory (if you watched the Red and Black kick off between 2008 and 2015 you know how unsurprising this part was).

Finally, Bayou Bengal running back Charles Scott punched it in for the game-winner. It sucked.

On the way out of the stadium I was essentially inconsolable. But that didn’t stop a middle-aged Louisianan from trying.

"I’m so s...s...sorry son!" he exclaimed. as he draped his arm around me. "If we lost one like that I’d be sick to my stomach. But y’all are a damn good football team and you’ll be back!" There was some other stuff in there, but it was hiding behind the bourbon.

In fact, we were a mediocre football team that would finish the season in the Independence Bowl. But it was a nice gesture for him to take a moment from his reverie to try to cheer me up. It failed, but I appreciated the effort.

Maybe your experience was similarly life-affirming. Maybe you most remember something less positive. Either way we want to hear about it. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!