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Bennett’s Transfer Leaves Void Among The Unsung

Georgia now has just two scholarship QBs on campus

Georgia Southern v Georgia Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Their role was greatly romanticized by “Rudy.”

Every football program has them - scout team guys that know fully well, for the most part, that their biggest impact won’t be between the lines on Saturday afternoons in the fall. Rather, it’s on the practice field, where they get ground up and beat up by the first-team units like they are the worst enemy.

Next fall, one of the most notable scout-teamers from the Georgia program will be absent.

Quarterback Stetson Bennett IV, via multiple media outlets, has opted to transfer to to play elsewhere next year.

It certainly leaves Georgia in a lurch. Having a quality option on the scout team is critical not just from the depth chart perspective, but for game-week prep as well. With Bennett gone, Georgia now has just two scholarship QBS - Jake Fromm and Justin Fields.

The only other two QBs on campus are John Seter and Christian Kerut.

Obviously, the task is now getting both of them ready to compete for the No. 3 spot in the pecking order for both scout team purposes or in case the unforeseen happens next fall.

Honestly, who could Bennett for his choice to transfer, no matter how hard it may have been to do so?

This isn’t a Nick Marshall or Isaiah Crowell deal where a guy left under bad terms. This is a guy who is like many in Sanford Stadium - a lifelong Georgia fan who longer to suit up for the red and black one day.

But you can’t blame Bennett for wanting more. Knowing you’re good enough to compete but also letting it sink in that not one, but two all-world QBs are in front of you in the depth chart? That’s hard to stomach - especially after glowing praise flowed out for Bennett’s play on the scout team last year, most notably as he shadowed Baker Mayfield leading up to the Rose Bowl.

For now, Bennett is moving on, but not without making an impact...even as a scout teamer.