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Dawg Sports Wants To Know: Your (Second) Favorite Game of the 2017 Season

2017 was a magical season for Georgia Bulldog fans. Lately we’ve begun taking a look back at some of the great momemts of that season before we move on to the 2018 campaign, which in less than a week will be less than 100 days away.

This raises the natural question: of the fifteen football games played by your Georgia Bulldogs in 2017, which was your favorite? I know, for a solid majority of you it was the thrilling Rose Bowl victory over Oklahoma.

So, leaving that one aside, what was the highlight of your 2017?

Was it handing Tennessee the worst loss in Neyland Stadium history? Beating Florida so badly that firing defending SEC East champ/shark enthusiast Jim McElwain seemed not just wise, but imperative? Extracting decisive revenge from Auburn in Atlanta? Reminding Tech who runs this state?

Your options are many, and your explanations and reminiscences are welcome in the comments. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!