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Red and Black Rewind: Looking back to Dan Mullen’s future.

Hey, remember that time Dan Mullen and his ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs were going to come to Athens and serve notice that they were an SEC contender? Yeah, me neither.

The best part of this game is tough to pick out. Of course there was the perfectly executed flea flicker to open the game. And Nick Chubb’s repeated untouched strolls to the endzone.

But mostly, there was the "Mullen face." You know, the face that the new Florida Gators coach makes when something goes wrong. The one that looks like he smelled something rank and then realized it was him. I love that face, and I’m looking forward to seeing it over the next three years in Jacksonville. I doubt we’ll get to see it much longer than that. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!