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Dawg Sports Wants To Know: The Most Underrated Bulldogs

Georgia Bulldog fans can for the most part agree about who the best players in Georgia football history are. Walker. Sinkwich. Pollack. Trippi.

But here is a different, perhaps more contentious question: who are the most underrated Georgia gridiron stars of all time? The guys who meant more to the team and the UGA program than fans and media members recognize?

In some instances players have put together great careers but had their accomplishments overshadowed by big name fellows. Lars Tate for example led the Red and Black in rushing in 1986 and 1987. But his spectacular productivity has been forgotten because of a Heisman winner (Herschel Walker) who preceded him and a flotila of All-American backs (Hampton, Worley, Hearst....) who followed him.

Others have had their accomplishments overshadowed by one or two career low lights. Terrance Edwards left Athens as the SEC’s career leader in receiving yards and number two all-time in touchdowns. But he’s still remembered by many UGA fans for one drop against Florida in 2002. Sad, really.

So I ask you, commentariat: which Bulldog football players are most unfairly forgotten or maligned in spite of their sizeable accomplishments? Who are the most underrated ‘Dawgs?