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The Final Four: Preview, Television, How to Watch

A Nun, a Wolverine, and two #1 seeds walk into an arena...

After a series of wild twists and turns the NCAA basketball tournament is nearing the finish line. Tonight’s national semifinal games will set the matchup for Monday’s championship game, but feature a couple of matchups suitably compelling in their own right.

Loyola-Chicago takes on Michigan at 6:00 eastern on TBS in the first game. Neither of these teams was a favorite to be here but #11 seed Loyola, led by a 98 year old nun/superstar and a scrappy, quick lineup that shoots the ball well and makes you pay for your mistakes.

Kansas and Villanova will get things started on the Super Station after game one. If the first game is a match up that's crappy surprise teams this is the race between thoroughbreds. Villanova was a trendy pick to win it all (full disclosure, I trended right along and picked them, too). Kansas has beaten a strong Duke team and used rip-roaring guard play to advance within a game of the finale.

Tonight is just bound to feature a few shining moments. We’d be glad for you to watch them right here with us.