I Think I'm Finally Ready To Talk About The Game

I think I’m finally ready to talk about the National Championship game. It’s been a full month since Georgia took on Alabama for the CFP title in Atlanta. And by now we know that Alabama mounted an incredible comeback to win the game and title in overtime, crushing the hearts of Georgia fans in the process. I tried to block the loss out as much as possible over this last month but it’s not easy to ignore something so as big as the National Championship game. This is why I’m ready to talk about this game and what happened on that Monday night no Georgia fan will forget.

The night started off so well, maybe too well, for the Bulldogs as they jumped out to a 13 point lead. 13 points isn’t a huge lead, especially against Alabama, but the way this defense has been playing all year I was feeling confident. This is when everything changed. Tua comes out at QB in the 2nd half. I’m going to be honest, I had no idea who this kid was. I hadn’t kept up with Alabama very much this season. It was clear how much better Alabama’s offense was playing with Jalen Hurts out and Tua in. My confidence was wavering but when Georgia got to the 4th quarter with a 20-10 lead I still believed. This is when Alabama clamped down on defense. They shut out the Bulldogs in the 4th and added 10 points to tie the game. Alabama had the last possession of the 4th quarter and marched down into field goal range. At this point of my night I am dejected with no a drop of hope for Georgia escape this. Then, a miracle happens, the Alabama kickers misses. We are going to overtime.

I am rejuvenated now. I’m on back on my feet, screaming at the TV for Georgia to win the coin toss. Well, I didn’t yell loud enough because Alabama wins the coin toss and defer. Not the start you want to OT but that’s okay, we are alive! Alabama holds strong again so Georgia kicks and makes their field goal. I’m feeling amazing in the moment, Georgia just needs one stop and they are going home as National Champs, finally. On Alabama’s first play on offense, the Georgia defense gets to Tua for a 16 yard loss, making a field goal a tough ask from where they were. I AM ESATIC, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! Then, Tua drops back, lobs up a beautiful lob 41 yards to DeVonta Smith for touchdown. And just like that, the game is over, the confetti is on the field and Alabama is celebrating.

I was in complete shock after this game for a little while. I know it’s just football but this game was a roller coaster of emotions that didn’t end well for the Georgia side. So, that makes it hurt a little more than a typical Georgia/Atlanta team. It feels better to talk about it so I can move on from the game. I’m still optimistic because this Georgia team has an incredible future. I’m ready for the next season to do it all over again.

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