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Top 20 Most Important Players in Georgia for 2019: Part 1

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sitting here on a Thursday, finally watching a national championship replay and I needed something to take my mind off of the impending misery.

The 2018 recruiting class was absolutely historic. With the influx of young talent, there are important decisions to make in 2019 on how to best improve the Georgia roster with some of the most talented players in Georgia.

Important: This list is not strictly an objective ranking of Georgia’s best 2019 prospects. It is a list of prospect talent + how important this player is to Georgia’s 2019 recruiting class. I am sure I don’t have to ask y’all for your input in the comments below. Would love to know who’s tape you love and who qualifies as a bust possibility.

MaconDawg will be in tomorrow to give you his top 20 + a composite ranking taking into account both of our scores.

Top 20 Most Important Players in Georgia for 2019:

1. Jaylen McCollough- S, Hillgrove- extremely natural fit at safety. The Dawgs did a great job recruiting defensive backs in 2018 but I would argue most of them are corners and stars. McCollugh is a no doubter at safety and a damn headbuster at that. He has a very college ready body. He will be a huge help in the run game but his ball hawking needs so refinement.

2. Owen Pappoe- LB, Grayson- I am tough on Pappoe because he has been talked about forever and he should be Roquan Smith 2.0. I wasn’t crazy about his 2017 production. But his body and athletic potential makes him a must get for Georgia. I like Georgia’s 2018 ILB recruiting haul, especially if Quay Walker moves inside. But we saw how dominant Georgia’s defense was with an athletic and instinctive ILB. Pappoe needs to be that player. One last thing, where Pappoe goes, others will follow.

3. Jadon Haselwood- WR, Cedar Grove- Absolute game changer at receiver. Glad he is a commit because I would not want to play him in the SEC. Elite deep ball ability. Step in a be a major contributor as Godwin, Hardman and Ridley make their exit in the coming years. The only reason he isn’t higher up the list is the fact that the Dawgs have a few WRs waiting in the wings (Landers, Holloman)

4. Justin Eboigbe- DE, Forest Park- I am telling y’all, this kid’s tape is ELITE. No idea why he is not currently rated higher. This is not a huge position of need given Georgia’s roster and recent recruiting but Eboigbe is this high on my list because he is a force on defense. He will be better than Brenton Cox. He is a more athletic David Marshall. Can’t say enough about him. Roquan Smith was a must get in 2015. Justin Eboigbe is a must get in 2019. Dawgs need to lock this one up early and get the signature in December

5. Christopher Hinton- DL, GAC- There is a huge premium on in state DL and Hinton is likely the most talented. Michigan will continue to digress as Harbaugh seems to be having trouble recruiting anyone to one of the best academic institutions with a historic football program. If Kirby decides he wants to lock down the in state DL, it is a matter of time. Given the DL talent pool in state this year, I imagine Kirby will turn it on.

6. Andrew Booth- CB, Archer- Really like his skillset. The only reason he is this low is the 2017 and 2018 CB classes that Georgia has been able to reel in. The Dawgs can be picky about CBs in 2019 and Booth will fit the bill. Speed, speed, speed and a ball hawk. Natural athlete, great with the ball in his hands. Will hit you. Need him in 2019

7. Dominick Blaylock- WR, Walton- Elite route runner. He won’t blow you away with speed but he makes intentional small movements that set him apart. I played with his twin brother in high school before they both signed with Kentucky, extremely athletic family and Dom is the best one yet. Just football savvy and knows how to get open.

8. Travon Walker- DL, Upson Lee- Only other real option at pure DL in state. Extremely athletic player who has been throwing down dunks the entire offseason. Quick first step and he will add weight in college. Shades of Tyler Clark.

9. Trezman Marshall- LB, Clinch- Sign him and then figure out how he fits in. Kind of stumpy at only 6’1” but he is a ball player. Super aggressive and a sure tackler. But does he have SEC speed? College speed training will do him good and he will never struggle with the physicality of the SEC. Reminds me a bit of Tim Kimbrough but I think he ends up as a better overall player

10. Wanya Morris- OT, Grayson- Probably the best in state OL prospect but Georgia is stacked at the position. I am not sure he is exactly what Pittman is looking for in terms of big body but his talent is clear. He falls on the list due to the lack of current need at the position

11. Harry Miller- OL, Buford- Another talented in state option. A bit more of a mauler and I think Pittman will like his style a little better than Morris. Should have 2-3 OL spots so interesting to see if they are all used in state.

12. Jalen Perry- CB, Dacula- Georgia may have stolen a talented corner early in the process. Good size, good ball skills. Seems like a very technical player with a great nose for the football. Played big boy Georgia ball.

13. King Mwikuta- OLB, Troup- He is a body for sure. He is not physical at the point of attack. He closes well, he bends pretty well off the edge but he will get manhandled on the line if he doesn’t get more physical with his hands. Will be very interesting to see if Georgia tries to reel him back in or if they go out of state for a pass rusher

14. JD Bertrand- LB, Blessed Trinity- Saw him play live this year and was blown away by how disruptive he was. Extremely physical, great nose for the ball, great pass rush. I think he is an insider backer that will be trouble in delayed pressure schemes. His speed is probably his biggest challenge but his instincts make up for it. Makes plays for his team every down. If he isn’t making the play, you are using at least two to stop him. Huge JD Bertrand fan because I am all about production

15. Jashawn Sheffield- WR, Frederica- Actually think he has a more promising future at defensive back. He makes plays but doesn’t have lightning speed. Will be a solid college ball player but I am not sure that future will be at Georgia

16. Warren McClendon- OL, Brunswick- The rawest OL on this list but probably has the highest ceiling. I think he is a take and I think he could put on some serious mass in a college weight program.

17. Steele Chambers- RB/LB, Blessed Trinity- The upside on Chambers is his abilities on both sides of the ball. I think his long term future is at ILB. He is a production monster. Saw him play live and was extremely impressed with his physicality against a really good team. Chambers and Bertrand were the reason Blessed Trinity was able to capture a state championship

18. Ryland Goede- TE, Kennesaw Mountain- He is RAW. Didn’t play a full year last year and it probably showed in his performance. Has the body you love to see in a TE. But his route running and route speed needs work. He is a very solid run blocker. He is a definite project which probably suits Georgia fine as there are plenty of stars in the TE room already

19. Kenyatta Watson- S, Grayson- Great body with length. Plays in the biggest league against the best and holds his own. His ball skills are absolute garbage. His film is dropped ball after dropped ball. When I worked for Coach Pruitt, if I turned on DB film with dropped INTs it was a quick switch to the next prospect. He needs serious work in this area and the ability to become a ball hawk isn’t exactly an easy transition. Great length but still needs to put it all together. Hopefully no daddy issues to deal with....

20. Kyle Hamilton- S/WR, Marist- Hamilton just got the offer today and is an intriguing prospect with great length. Saw almost every one of his games live this year and he did it all for Marist. Huge catches, clutch interceptions. Needs to add significant mass to a slight frame but he has plenty of room to do so. I think he projects at either CB or WR. He has been picking up offers from everyone in the last few days (Auburn, Ohio St, Notre Dame, etc). Needs to add strength but his production is off the charts.