Thank You, Georgia - by Sony Michel

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Thank You Georgia

Prepare to tear up. Don't worry, everyone else is also. Sony really likes Athens, and apparently Grindhouse. When you read about how much team they put in team, it will get you. They are all DGDs.

I haven't personally expressed too much of my feelings from the National Championship. Many reasons on that I reckon. For one, the Rose Bowl was perfect, and in my mind it was the Championship. I wanted it to end right there at that perfect apex. That game and that moment I why I do this thing. However, it was a calming tonic to read that Sony says the team played Alabama with everything they had, and never gave up, always expecting to win. It's good to know the team was all in and fully engaged, and in the moment.

For me, it just really was crushing that Cinderella didn't get her last dance. It was in the stars, it was truly fate, and it was destiny. And it went to overtime. Then the football Gods do what they do. A missed tackle, a saved play, a touchdown bomb that ended our season. I imagine all of us had the collective air sucked out of our lungs, heck, out of our souls. Really, you shouldn't have 2 games back to back like those two. It's just too much.

It also was incredible.

But Sony reminds us here that it's still about Georgia, and Athens, and being present, and enjoying the little things. I am still friends with many of my Phi Kappa siblings - 23 years later. How amazing! That's what that place does. Those little things can remain constant even if the scoreboard is ever changing. Even if it was the Taco Stand for me and The Grindhouse for Sony, Nick, and Isaiah. We're still Georgia Dawgs.

Thank you Sony, and Go Dawgs!

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