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Free Form Friday: Palm trees, Stevie Wonder, and you.

Photo of Stevie Wonder Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

This is Free Form Friday. It is, if we’re being painfully honest, our best effort to avoid returning to the realm of the functioning adults in the absence of college football. Spoiler: we’re not winning any awards. Maestro, the music:

Today’s exercise in offseason time management has no relationship to college sports of which I am aware. It’s simply this: if you had to be stranded on a desert island for a year what two albums would you take with you to pass the time?

Remember, this isn’t music you have to listen to for the rest of your life (unless you don’t think you can survive for a year on an island, I guess). Just something to get up to in the morning and go to sleep to at night and pass the time while you’re shucking mussels to survive on until a plane flies overhead.

And we’re assuming for simplicity sake that you have the media to play the albums and a power source to boot. Yes, I too wondered how the professor could build a radio out of a coconut but couldn’t patch a boat.

My selections are above, and were both released before I was born. What can I say? I have the musical tastes of George Carlin and looks to match. Drop your picks in the comments, and....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!