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Mohamed Massaquoi shares his story of loss and healing

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Mohamed Massaquoi remains one of my favorite Bulldogs of all time. An unselfish player, a clutch receiver, and a great teammate, "MoMass" exemplified a lot of what we all want UGA student athletes to be.

I knew Massaquoi hadn’t played in the NFL since 2013 but hadn’t really been aware of what he has been up to more recently. That is, until today when I saw the heart-wrenching video below.

Massaquoi apparently lost most of his left hand in an April 2017 ATV accident. But he hasn’t lost his fighting spirit, or his sense of appreciation for the gifts he still has. It’s an inspirational story that shpuld remind all of us to count our blessings every day. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!