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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Needs A Smoke

SEC Championship - Alabama v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday, Bulldog Fans! We’ve made it through the regular season and have started the Georgia Football postseason. Unfortunately that will only be 2 games, and one... well, you know how that turned out. Last season we were lucky enough to enjoy 15 games of Bulldog football. We are blessed to have 14 this year, though a chance at 15 seems like it was ruefully torn from our grasp.

So we have only one game left. One shot. One slug. One bullet. One hit. One toke. One drag. One tap. One... last... cigarette.

If you noticed, and most of you did not care to, I stuck with an ‘80’s cheese pop theme for the Bulldogs regular season. During this dead period (not recruiting, just college football games) we will slowly untangle ourselves from the Me Decade and explore other genres. Remember, this isn’t just for your entertainment. It’s because my wife won’t let me yell at the neighborhood kids in my yard and trampling my begonias.

Now onto news and notes of the Bulldog variety:

The coaching carousel has begun. What started with a whimper is now officially a whine. And as you probably know, the Georgia Bulldogs were not immune as UGA DC Mel Tucker was announced as Head Buff at Colorado. But how will that affect the big names on the defensive recruiting board?

At least one blue chipper says he will stay the course. And good news for the Sugar Bowl, a sure-fire NFL draft 1st rounder will help us wrangle the Longhorns.

The Athens Banner-Herald gives us a breakdown of who made the All-SEC teams and some other post-season awards.

Speaking of hardware, even the Bulldog coaching staff is up for some bling too. Apparently the committee allows for head coaches who ignore half of the game entirely.

It’s never too early to make predictions for the playoffs and the Sugar Bowl. So the Red & Black just went ahead and did the thing.

How ‘bout them Spike Squads?!?!? A nice little look at the boys and girls who ink it up and strap it on every Saturday in Section 109.

If you comb through the internet detritus long enough, you find a nugget every now and then. This serious article by a Longhorns beat writer fits the bill. A little conjecture, an attempt to balance it out with transitive properties, throw in some self-deprecation, toss with conspiracy theory, view 3 sides of the same coin, and there you have it.

Most of the athletic squads have a few days off, presumably for final exams. But if you’re near Athens this weekend, check out the first look for the Gym Dogs at the Steg. I’m anxious to see how Coach Kupets Carter rebounds from a not-quite-up-to-standard 2017-18 campaign beset by injuries.

Stick around for more news and recruiting updates, possibly more schadenfreude at the expense of other programs. All I want for Christmas is a textbook selling scandal in Gainesville. And as always...