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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Knows Whats Up

Georgia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

So that happened. Were there doubts Bulldog Coach Kirby Smart could repeat his incredible 2018 signing class? Would highly sought-after skill players look elsewhere, even after a full-court Kirby press? Could valuable in-state talent hop the fence CKS has been building the last 3 years? The answers are all yes. So... what’s up Doc? Can we rock? Yes we can.

This is not from the ‘80s. Nor does it reflect any particular emotion or mental state related to the Georgia Bulldogs. I also do not care to hear the musical stylings of anyone listed in the credits. It is included merely because something caught my eye about the 0:20 part of the clip.

We will start off with some numbers:

(In perfect irony, this gif was created at a Justin Fields high school football game, IIRC.)

Even ESPN is starting to get the fact that Georgia is battling Alabama in every facet, won’t give up, and doing so better than everyone else.

I don’t know how to read this.

  • Practice seems to be going well.
  • Specific things going in for the matchup against Texas (as opposed to “Omaha” and “Philly Special”, we have “Texas”).
  • Describing Nakobe Dean: “He is really athletic. He is past athletic.”
  • Happy with signing pass rushers, inside linebackers, but lamenting secondary.
  • And then a few things on Justin Fields.

Geno Atkins is selected to his 7th NFL Pro Bowl, and Todd Gurley to his 3rd. Congrats, fellas. Way to represent. AJ Green was on his way before being sidelined by injury.

The Lady Bulldogs had an early tip today, but came away with another victory vs. Lipscomb (formerly David Lipscomb - when did they change the name?). It wasn’t close, but Coach Joni Taylor’s squad is undefeated this season at the Steg.

In the world of “I don’t get it”, the Florida Gators never fail to disappoint. I like traditions that are organic, not forced, and build a momentum all their own. This is one I would have a hard time getting behind.

You’ve read the recruiting breakdowns and the open thread. I’ve read them. Everyone that you want to discuss college football with has read them too. Everything else is a distant second for the moment. I can’t type into a search engine any words that aren’t “Nolan Smith”. So I’ll leave with my pledge to include Kirby Smart, the team pilot, and the staff in charge of recruiting visit travel scheduling when I say Grace at the dinner table. And as always...