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Playoff Committee Prioritizes TV Interest/Politics, Goes With Oklahoma For Final Slot

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Head Coaches News Conference
Oh, it’s happening.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The conventional wisdom following last night’s demoralizing 35-28 loss to Alabama was that the Georgia Bulldogs, despite pretty clearly being one of the top four teams in America, would be left out of the college football playoff.

You can’t put in a two loss team that didn’t win their conference, no matter how good they are, went the conventional wisdom.

Turns out that was indeed the thought process of the cowardly, lily-livered, and generally cash-beholden sods on the College Football Playoff Committee.

The committee has repeatedly said in its collective communications and individual appearances that they would take the four best teams in America.

They lied.

Argument can certainly be made that Oklahoma has “beaten every team on their schedule” and “won their conference champonship.” So did UCF.

Rob Mullens, Selection Committee Chair, engaged in a torturous post facto analysis that includes an ode to Oklahoma’s recent defensive improvement. That’s crap on a stale cracker. This was a political/television ratings decision. That’s fine, I just wish the committee had the guts to admit that in the light of day. But c’est la vie.

We’ll now wait to find out Georgia’s ultimate bowl destination, presumed to be the Sugar Bowl against Big XII runner-up Texas. I expect Kirby Smart has already started on the posters of the four teams in the playoff which he’ll use for motivation over the next month.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!