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Third Quarter Open Thread: Time To Change The Script.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Georgia comes out of the half with a surprising lead over the heavily-favored Alabama Crimson Tide in the game of the year.

Last year it was a 13-0 lead in the national title game. This year it’s a 21-14 lead in an SEC title game that’s a quarterfinal for the college football playoff. A few halftime thoughts:

  • Other than that one miscommunication with D’Andre Swift right before the half, Jake Fromm has been as excellent as we need him to be.Jake’s 14 of 18 for 139 yards, and is throwing the ball with a ton of confidence. Let’s just hope it’s not too much confidence.
  • The Bulldog defense has been better than we had any right to expect. The Tide’s high-powered attack has 146 total yards, 34 through the air. Tua Tagovailoa is 3 of 10 for 35 yards. If Kyler Murray wins the Heisman Trophy, he owes this group a shout out in his acceptance speech.
  • With 88 yards on the ground, Georgia’s running it enough. That last overly conservative sequence before the half excepted, Jim Chaney is calling a dang good football game.
  • You have to win third down as the underdog. Georgia’s 5 of 9 on third down. Alabama is 0 for 3.
  • Bama’s going to try some stuff coming out with the ball in the third quarter. Georgia can’t win the ball by getting a stop here. But a stop followed by a score would put the Tide in a tough spot.
  • Alabama is the horror movie villain of college football teams. You aren’t really safe until twenty minutes after the credits roll and the studio announces they’re not making a sequel. Hopefully the ‘Dawgs learned that lesson last January.

Everybody buckle up. This one’s going the distance just like we’d hoped.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!